Dental Veneers Near Me – Where to Go in Fort Bend County

Dental Veneers

Every time you go to the movies you see the Hollywood smiles of the actors. You know they weren’t all born that way!

Although there are a few stars who have managed to get away with simply straightening their natural teeth, there are plenty of others who have needed to cover over the imperfections resulting from genetically poor teeth, a childhood with less than perfect dental care, or a variety of accidents that resulted in chipped or otherwise damaged teeth.

From Tom Cruise to Morgan Freeman, Demi Moore to Catherine Zeta Jones, that beautiful, even, whiter-than-white Hollywood smile is everywhere. And you want one, too!

How do they do it? More than likely, with the help of a great cosmetic dentist and custom porcelain veneers.

What Are Veneers?

Strictly speaking, veneers are a thin shell of porcelain or resin that sits over the front teeth that are visible when you smile. The translucent material can be used to make your teeth look consistent in length, shape, size, and color. Dental veneers fill out gaps and correct chipped or cracked teeth and even make misaligned teeth appear straight without orthodontic treatment.

How Do I Get Dental Veneers in Richmond Tx.?

The best way to get dental veneers in Richmond, Tx. is to call Grand Parkway Smiles!

First, schedule a consultation appointment. At this initial visit our cosmetic dentists will determine how healthy your teeth are and if you’re a candidate for veneers (vs. another type of cosmetic procedure). If you are, we’ll make a plan that outlines your goals, the number of treatments necessary, how you want your new smile to look, and the costs involved.  Once we have a treatment plan in place, there are just a few steps to get your new smile.

  • Prepping Your Tooth Enamel. Using local anesthetic, our Grand Parkway Smiles dentist will scrape off a very thin layer of enamel from the teeth that are about to accommodate the veneers. This prevents your smile from looking too bulky when the porcelain is bonded to the front of your teeth.
  • Make a Good Impression. After removing the enamel, we will take an impression of your teeth. This mold will be sent to our dental lab, so they can hand design the set of veneers to fit well and look just right for your smile.
  • Final Placement. Your veneers will take a week or so to come back from the lab. Once we have them, you’ll come see us for your final appointment. Our Richmond, Tx dentist will bond your veneers so that they sit and fit correctly. They’ll be bonded with a special cement that is cured with a UV light. Once the bonding is complete, you’ll be ready to go!

Caring for Your Smile’s Investment!

Now that you have your dazzling smile, you want to take care of it the best way possible. The good news is that the best way to care for you dental veneers is the same way you take care of your natural teeth!

Brush with a soft-bristled brush twice a day. Floss after you brush to remove the plaque from in-between teeth. If you use mouthwash, use a non-alcoholic brand. Avoid biting or chewing hard objects such as wooden pencils, plastic pens, metal anything; teeth aren’t tools!  While veneers are pretty stain-resistant, it is better to use a straw when drinking soda, coffee, tea, or wine to minimize their exposure to the staining liquids.

Six Reasons to Get Veneers!

Still on the fence about talking to our Richmond, Tx dentist regarding veneers? There are several reasons why you should be considering them for your smile:

  • Correct Damaged or Broken Teeth in One Treatment. Those small chips and cracks in your front teeth will no longer be visible when you smile
  • Good-bye Gaps! Looks matter; but they’re not ideal when someone thinks a gap in your smile means lower intelligence. That’s a horrifying cultural trope, but not one you are likely to escape without the help of a cosmetic dentist. Veneers fix your smile so that gap between your front teeth is gone!
  • A Whiter Smile. If you have a discolored tooth that never lightens or a yellowed smile from all the coffee you drink, dental veneers can help. Your teeth will be whiter and brighter, and the porcelain or resin material is stain-resistant to help keep it that way!
  • Quicker than Orthodontics: While there is a real need for orthodontic treatment for very poor alignment issues, minor alignment, shape, and size problems can be fixed quickly with dental veneers. Too small or narrow teeth can be made more uniform and even in just a few appointments. It’s like having instant braces!
  • Fountain of Youth. Nothing ages your face like your teeth. You could have had a face lift and Botox injections in your lips, but when you smile, your teeth will give away your age. Teeth get yellowed, the enamel wears down; but dental veneers renew your smile and help you regain a more youthful look!
  • Get Confident! All those imperfections, cracks, gaps, yellowing, crooked, aging teeth can make you feel self-conscious. Meeting new people, attending business meetings or doing anything in public can be painful. Veneers can give you back your confidence again.

Ready to Get Started With Veneers?

Call our office to schedule your consultation today. Our dentists will meet with you to make the best plan for your smile. In just two treatment appointments, you can have beautiful new teeth and exude more confidence throughout your daily life.