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Grand Parkway Smiles is your home for top quality cosmetic dentistry in Richmond, TX. From teeth whitening procedures to full mouth reconstruction treatment, we specialize in giving you the brilliant smile you always wanted!

Cosmetic Dentistry in Richmond Tx.WHAT IS COSMETIC DENTISTRY?

Cosmetic dentistry is a field of specialization that includes a variety of treatments designed to improve or restore the appearance of your smile. Whether you wish for a more attractive gum line, whiter teeth, or better alignment, your cosmetic dentist in Richmond offers treatments that can result in the beautiful teeth you see on Hollywood’s red carpet.

While cosmetic dentistry treatment focuses first and foremost on the visual appearance of your teeth, a number of procedures considered cosmetic can also improve the function of your teeth — delivering a stronger bite, for example, through dental implants.

Above all, cosmetic dentistry restores the confidence the smile, laugh, speak, and eat with absolute confidence!

Cosmetic dentistry treatment may consist of:

In cases where multiple treatments are needed to achieve the desired goal, your dentist may recommend a full smile makeover.


Because cosmetic dentistry focuses predominantly on how your teeth look, instead of on how they feel, our patients most frequently come to us with complaints about the way their smile is perceived – by themselves or others, or both.

Signs you could benefit from the services of a cosmetic dentist in Richmond, TX, may include:

  • Misaligned teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Chipped teeth

Prior to any procedure, your cosmetic dentist at Grand Parkway Smiles will perform a thorough dental exam and, depending on the type and source of your dissatisfaction with your smile, recommend a treatment (or treatments) that will once again allow you to look in the mirror and smile big.


There are only two things that really matter to our cosmetic dentists: that you leave our office with a confident smile, and that your teeth are healthy and functioning at top performance.

With more than 75 years of combined experience, the dentists at Grand Parkway Smiles are experienced and highly-trained professionals who approach any cosmetic dentistry procedure with your satisfaction in mind.

Cosmetic dentistry treatment – when performed solely for the sake of appearance – is, unfortunately, often not covered by insurance. In an effort to make a white, straight smile affordable to anyone, we offer dental financing options that fit every budget. Qualifying is easy, so there is no need to delay a cosmetic procedure that gives you the gorgeous smile you deserve.


The answer to this question is easy: Renewed confidence is what happens following your cosmetic dentistry treatment!

Our patients report that they walk out of our Richmond office with more self-esteem, a readiness to smile and laugh with abandon, a new enjoyment of the simple act of eating in company without embarrassment, and oftentimes a more positive outlook on life in general. Cosmetic dentistry treatment has the incredible power to facilitate career advancement, employment opportunities, social interaction, and even romantic relationships.

Want to learn more about cosmetic dentistry in Richmond, TX? Call Grand Parkway Smiles today at 832-222-0016!

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