Tooth Colored Dental Fillings

Tooth Colored Dental FillingsDental fillings are by far the most common procedure our Grand Parkway Smiles dentists perform. Nationwide, thousands of patients receive dental fillings every single day to treat dental decay, making this a very routine treatment just about anyone will need at some point in their lives.


As the term implies, dental fillings are used to literally “fill” spots of decay in teeth. Fillings are necessary for cavities to restore the integrity and structure of the tooth so it can once again withstand the forces of biting and chewing without breaking.

To repair a cavity, your Richmond dentist will first numb the gum tissue surrounding the tooth to ensure the patient remains comfortable throughout the procedure. He or she will then remove all traces of caries by cleaning and scraping the tooth with a dental drill.

Once your dentist is satisfied that the tooth is free of decay, he will apply the filling to the cavity, cure it, and file the hardened filling material to ensure a smooth feel.

Grand Parkway Smiles recommends tooth-colored composite resin fillings because their color is customizable to blend in with your other teeth, resulting in a natural appearance.

Other dental filling materials your Richmond dentist may suggest include:

  • Porcelain (tooth-colored)
  • Gold (gold in color)


Dental fillings area great way to preserve mildly and moderately decayed teeth, restore them to full function, and eliminate pain caused by caries. For patients who have a small or medium-sized cavity, the dentist will likely recommend a dental filling as a first line of attack to repair the damage and halt further decay.

Left untreated, a tooth showing even mild caries can “infect” surrounding teeth as bacteria travel and start eating away at previously healthy teeth. In addition, the longer a tooth with caries is ignored, the larger the cavity becomes, increasing the likelihood of more costly procedure down the road.

Early detection and intervention are needed to

  • Stop tooth decay in its tracks
  • Reduce the need for more complex procedures like root canals
  • Prevent the spread of decay as well to other teeth


Scared of the dentist? Worried that an injection of local anesthesia won’t eliminate your dental anxiety? Don’t be!

At Grand Parkway Smiles, we understand that even “simple” procedures like dental fillings can induce fear and anxiety in some patients. That’s why we offer a full range of sedation options to keep you comfortable throughout receiving dental fillings. Consult with your Richmond dentist to choose between laughing gas, oral sedation or even IV sedation.


Your tooth may feel a little sore following treatment, but over-the-counter pain relief medications are typically enough to make patients comfortable. Your dentist may or may not ask you to return for a follow-up visit – this generally happens if the filling was particularly large, or the patient experiences discomfort that doesn’t abate within a day or two. Complications from dental fillings are extremely rare, so in the vast majority of cases, no follow-up visit is necessary.

Quite often, cavities in their early stages aren’t detected by patients because there is no pain and there are no symptoms on the surface of the tooth. We therefore recommend regular dentist check-ups to detect and treat tooth decay early. Your dentist can diagnose even hidden tooth decay with the help of x-rays and recommend dental fillings accordingly.

Think you may need a dental filling? Call Grand Parkway Smiles at 832-222-0016 and get seen as early as today!

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