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Single Dental ImplantSingle Dental Implant in Richmond Tx

A single dental implant is the preferred solution for dental patients who have lost just one tooth as a result of trauma or excessive, but isolated, decay.

Accidents happen. An errant hockey stick to the mouth or an ill-timed run-in with a baseball bat, and next thing you know, you lost a tooth and are now considering restorative options.

More often than not, however, extensive dental decay lies at the root of the need for a single dental implant.
If you suffer from a missing tooth and your smile no longer radiates the confidence it once conveyed, it’s time to contact the best implant dentist in Richmond, TX.

What are the benefits of a single dental implant vs. a bridge?

Dental patients have options. The most common alternative to a single dental implant is a dental bridge.

A bridge essentially does exactly what the name implies. Once the natural tooth is removed completely (via extraction or otherwise), a bridge is anchored by one or two teeth adjacent to either side of the gap created by the missing tooth. The supporting tooth or teeth must first be filed down in order to accommodate the bridge and provide enough stability to sustain pressure from chewing.

A single dental implant, on the other hand, is deeply anchored within the jaw bone and doesn’t impact the health of surrounding teeth (i.e. no filing down adjacent teeth is necessary!). On the contrary, a single dental implant helps maintain bone structure whereas a dental bridge may cause bone to diminish over time, potentially leading to “sunken cheek” syndrome as the years go by and the patient’s bone structure begins to erode.

How does the single dental implant procedure work?

Following an initial consultation, a thorough exam, and detailed x-rays, the dental implant specialist is ready to get to work. The actual procedure may be scheduled for a future day to arrange for oral sedation to be called in to your pharmacy, if requested, and to allow the patient to make transportation arrangements as needed. Please note that if oral or IV sedation is prescribed, the patient will not be able to drive following dental implant surgery but must secure a ride home after the procedure.

Once the area is completely numbed and any sedation has taken effect,

  •   the Specialist will make an incision in the gum to gain access to the bone
  •   holes will be drilled into the bone to accommodate the post (screw) that will build the foundation of the implant; this post will serve as a highly durable, artificial tooth root
  •   the Specialist secures the post in the jaw bone
  •   bonding between the post and jaw bone (also called osseointegration) can now begin

The next appointment follows weeks or months after the first, once healing of the surgical site is complete and the bone has sufficiently fused with the post to withstand chewing pressure.

At this subsequent appointment, if healing and osseointegration is complete, the root canal specialist will place the abutment (a metal piece that will eventually connect the implant to the crown that is yet to come). You may be asked to take dental molds to begin the process of constructing and shaping a crown that fits in flawlessly with the surrounding teeth in both shape and color.

The patient returns to the dentist office once the crown is ready. The patient is fitted with the crown and the prosthodontist ensures it is tightly secured atop the abutment. Aside from recommended follow-ups, this completes the single dental implant procedure.

For some patients, a single dental implant (or even multiple dental implants) can be placed at the same time a damaged tooth (or teeth) is extracted. At Grand Parkway Smiles we call this procedure “Teeth in a Day” and you can learn more about it here.

How much does a single dental implant cost in Richmond, TX?

At Grand Parkway Smiles, a single dental implant starts at $ 1500.00. Much of the cost depends on your choice of dental implant material and any prior treatments or therapies (such as bone grafts) that must be performed beforehand or at the time of the surgery.

The single dental implant surgery and placement will be performed by an experienced and highly-trained Grand Parkway Smiles dental implant specialist, at a fair and affordable price point. While cheaper options may be available to you, we urge you to beware of hidden costs and upcharges as well as consider the quality of the work performed when you receive a quote.

The Dental Implant Specialists at Grand Parkway Smiles are professionals who stand behind their work and only use the best quality materials to give you a natural-looking, healthy smile. You can expect your Grand Parkway Smiles single dental implant to last decades to come – quite possibly a lifetime.

What dentist near me can provide a single dental implant?

Grand Parkway Smiles is pleased to introduce you to Dr. David Gomez, our resident cosmetic dentist and dental implant specialist. We are confident that he is the most established and best implant dentist in Richmond, TX, thanks to his years of experience, knowledge, education and training.

If you are considering teeth implants (one or more), please contact us at (832) 222-0016 today to schedule a consultation.

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