What is Periodontics?

Periodontics at Grand Parkway SmilesPeriodontics and Gum Disease

Periodontics is an important component to your dental health care at Grand Parkway Smiles Dentistry.

Periodontic gum disease is sometimes unnoticeable in the early stages, but becomes increasingly apparent as it progresses.


Periodontics | Warning Signs of Gum Disease:

Swollen, red and tender gums 

Bleeding when brushing or flossing

Gums that recede or pull away from the teeth

Contact sensitivity

Loose teeth

Consistent bad breath

Partial dentures – begin to lose proper fit


Periodontics | Treatment Options:

Depending upon the stage of periodontal disease, there are a variety of treatment options.

Treatments may range from professional cleanings to non-surgical removal of plaque above and below the gum line (Scaling) along with the removal of rough spots on the teeth (Root Planing).

A Scaling and Root Planing procedure is necessary when plaque and calculus (Tartar) are found to exist below the gum line. This material must be removed to eliminate harmful bacteria and to allow the gums to return to a healthy state.

More advanced periodontal disease is evidenced by gum recession where the gums have receded below the teeth, leaving a gap and the appearance of an elongated tooth structure.

Advanced gum disease is treated surgically with a number of treatment options which may include a combination of Scaling, Root Planing and Gum Flap surgery.  Gum flap surgery involves tightening the gum tissue around the tooth structure surgically to prevent bacteria from invading the gum region. This procedure may sometimes require soft tissue grafts.

In the event of bone loss around the tooth, bone grafts may also be necessary to restore supportive bone structure around the tooth.

Antimicrobial rinses such as Chlorhexidine may be prescribed in conjunction with these treatments to minimize bacteria and prevent infection. Antibiotics may also be prescribed in some cases.

Fluoride rinses are also often recommended as a follow up component to these treatments.

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