What are dental veneers and how much do they cost?

Dental VeneersDental veneers are sometimes referred to as porcelain veneers because they are thin pieces of porcelain that are applied over the patients existing teeth. The fact they are made of porcelain makes them strong and very resilient and are close to natural tooth enamel. The procedure involves several phases first a small amount of the existing tooth enamel must be reduced about the depth of 1 millimeter. The dentist does this so it will fit and feel natural and in alignment with the other teeth. A light sensitive adhesive resin is used to secure the veneer in place and then the tooth is shaped to give the appearance of the other teeth. The cost for dental veneers ranges from as low as $800 to $2000.

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth WhiteningTeeth whitening is the process of using chemical methods to lighten the teeth; teeth yellow over time because of many factors. The things we eat / drink and certain medications that can yellow and stain the teeth and all the brushing in the world will not correct the problem. There are home methods for teeth whitening but in office teeth whitening is the preferred method because the dentist has stronger agents to truly brighten your smile. Teeth whitening is very effective when done in the dentist’s office.

What cosmetic dental procedures are available at the dentist?

Cosmetic dentistry is about changing the appearance of your teeth. Everything from discolored, chipped, or missing teeth can be corrected with Cosmetic Dentistry. Services that are available for improving your smile are porcelain veneers, bridges, tooth replacement, tooth colored fillings and teeth whitening. Your teeth and smile are meant to last a lifetime so have the smile you want for life with cosmetic dentistry. Patients that have cosmetic dental procedures typically have a boost in self esteem.

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