Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions 

Tooth extractions are sometimes necessary for a number of reasons including acutely advanced decay and wisdom tooth extractions.

Following tooth extractions, as a general rule, do not perform heavy exercise for at least one or two days until the swelling has subsided. This time period could approach a week or until your stitches come out, but use common sense or call Grand Parkway Smiles Dentistry if you have any questions. Exercising too early after surgery will make bleeding more likely. Rest, sleep, proper care and attention at home are important for the wound to heal properly. You have to listen to your body before restarting your exercise regimen. You may resume your normal activities the next day, but do not engage in vigorous exercise such as heavy lifting, competitive sports, running and biking.tooth extraction

Wisdom teeth usually erupt into the mouth between the ages of 17-21. Even when the wisdom teeth are fully formed, not everyone’s wisdom teeth grow in, and some only grow in partially. This condition is known as an impacted tooth.  Sometimes a person’s jaw doesn’t grow large enough to accommodate the growth of the wisdom tooth, and other times the tooth develops on its side and will not erupt.

It is best to remove the wisdom teeth when wisdom teeth are partially erupted, as this can leave an open communication for bacteria to enter and cause an infection. Wisdom teeth should also be extracted when they are erupting in adverse direction which can damage adjacent teeth.  Wisdom teeth should also be removed if a cyst forms, destroying surrounding structures such as bone or tooth roots.


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