State of the Art Dental Center

Our state of the art dental center offers our patients the best there is in the world of dentistry. Our aim is to deliver the best possible care to our patients. That is made possible in part by the latest dental technology. Medical tools such as 3D X-rays and water purifying systems complement design elements chosen for your comfort. The environment is designed to be relaxing. It provides you with options to entertain and relax you during your appointment. Even the day-to-day running of the office is up to date. Communication is available via text and email, and the office is entirely paperless. Read on to find out more about our state of the art facility.


The most important thing to any dental patient and dentists is hygiene. Cleanliness needs to come first and foremost, above relaxing interior design and televisions. We put sanitation at the forefront of the design at Grand Parkway Smiles. We use purifying systems for both air and water to keep everything clean. All dental chairs operate with purified water. So any instrument that uses water is free of bacteria. The purified central air-conditioning and heat help to keep you healthy and comfortable. Keeping treatment rooms at the correct temperature for a medical environment discourages bacteria.

Patient Designed Rooms

We listened to what patients wanted when we designed our dental center. It’s important to put patients first and let them have their say. We focused not just on the technology available but on the look and feel of the facility too. The interior design uses stone, wood and other natural elements throughout the office. These touches help to make the center a relaxing and peaceful place to be. This is essential for nervous patients. Our smart rooms with clean lines help to keep everything hygienic. Aside from the design elements, we also provide other amenities to keep our patients entertained, or distracted.


We want our waiting area to be as welcoming and comfortable as possible. That’s why we provide refreshments to patients while they wait for their appointments. We offer an assortment of teas, coffees, and bottled water. There are also other beverages for our patients to enjoy. These refreshments provide an excellent way to relax before you see the dentist. They can be especially welcome if you are a little nervous or anxious. However, you won’t be waiting long, as we aim to keep our appointments on schedule.


We also provide entertainment for our patients throughout the facility. You can watch digital television while you enjoy your beverage as you wait. Our examination rooms also have televisions on the walls and the ceilings. So whether you’re sitting up or leaning back, you can concentrate on the TV as your dentist works. We also provide headphones for listening to music, which can be very calming if you get anxious. We can play relaxing music so you can block out the sounds of anything going on around you. Many patients find everything much easier with a good distraction.


Our state of the art dental center is fully accessible for people with disabilities. Step-free access and wide doorways allow space for wheelchair users, as well as strollers. We are fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act and are happy to make accommodations for our patients. As well as your physical health, we’re here to care for your mental health too. Patients suffering from anxiety can talk to us about strategies we can use to help them. We offer sedation dentistry, which helps to relax you for any procedure. You can even be put to sleep, although that often isn’t necessary.

Up to Date Communication

Everything in the Grand Parkway Smiles Dentistry office aims to keep up with the modern world. Making contact by phone isn’t always convenient for our patients. So we offer other options too. As well as calling to discuss your appointments, we also communicate through text message and email. We can send you confirmation of your appointments and other correspondence. We also deal with all filing and following up on insurance claims to keep your dental records up to date.

Digital Office

At our facility, we run an all-digital office, keeping everything paperless. These practices are eco-friendly. That makes our center ideal for anyone looking for a green dentistry service. We made an effort to eliminate the use of paper entirely, so we don’t need to print or photocopy anything. Contacting our patients by phone, text and email means we don’t need to send out letters. These methods of communication are faster too. So you won’t be waiting for days to get a confirmation of your appointment or bill.

Latest Diagnostic Technology

Our examination rooms also use the latest technology. They feature 3D X-Ray Digital Dental Imaging. Just 1% of dentists use this technology, and we think we’ve made the right choice to invest in it. Using this 3D technology we can look at a patient’s teeth and mouth before they need to sit in one of our dental chairs. It provides us with a non-invasive method to get a full picture of a patient’s health. It helps to make procedures shorter and be less invasive too. We can deliver better results with this technology in our facility.

Convenient Appointment Times

We always want to make our services as convenient for our patients as possible. A variety of communication options and sedation dentistry are just two of the things that we do. We also strive to offer convenient appointment times that suit your schedule. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we are open until 6 pm, and we open on Saturdays too. Not only that, but we aim to keep appointments on time. So you can get back to your daily commitments as soon as you are able.

Our state of the art dental center provides comfort and excellent service to all our patients. The latest technology helps us to run an efficient office and offer the best treatment. We aim to stay up to date so our patients can always count on us.