Snap On Dentures In Richmond, TX: Eat with Comfort, Smile with Confidence

Snap on DenturesTraditional dentures can be a hassle. They tend to slip and slide, leaving you worried about accidents while eating with company. Chewing with traditional dentures may also be uncomfortable, or even painful, and cause you to miss out on some of your favorite foods. If you’ve been searching for an alternative to traditional dentures, consider Snap On Dentures.

Our Richmond, TX patients tell us that Snap On Dentures have dramatically improved their quality of life.

What are Snap On Dentures?

Snap On Dentures are made of the same materials as traditional dentures. The difference is that they are attached to dental implants (two or more per arch) for a no-slip fit. Dental implants are screw-like devices your Grand Parkway Smiles dentist anchors in your jaw bone during a minor surgical procedure. You can read more about dental implants here.

How do Snap On Dentures Stay in Place?

If you turn Snap On Dentures upside down, you’ll see that they have two or more holes underneath. These holes allow your dentures to snap onto your dental implants through tiny locator abutments. This prevents your dentures from shifting, so you can stop worrying about embarrassing slips.

What is The Procedure for Snap On Dentures?

If you don’t already have dental implants, your dentist will begin by placing at least two implants to hold your Snap On Dentures in place. Your new dentures will then be custom-made to precisely fit onto the dental implants. As with traditional dentures, you’ll be able to select the color of your new Snap On Dentures for an attractive look.

Are Snap On Dentures Permanent?

No. Snap On Dentures must be removed for cleaning daily. Just exert gentle pressure to release the dentures and take out for washing. Maintenance is easy – just rinse them with soapy water every night. No special cleaning agents are needed. In fact, they may damage your dentures so we advise against using store-bought denture cleansers.

Eating (And Sleeping) With Snap On Dentures

Our patients find that Snap On Dentures once again allow them to eat all the foods they enjoy – even nuts and popcorn! Snap On Dentures provide maximum comfort while eating because they’re held tightly in place. If you wish, you can even wear your Snap On Dentures while you sleep!

Snap On Dentures Maintenance

Aside from washing your Snap On Dentures daily with soap and water, it is important to see your Grand Parkway Smiles dentist regularly to ensure all is well. At times, a locator may need replacement, or your dentures may need an adjustment. A water pick is helpful in keeping your Snap On Dentures as clean as possible in-between office visits. With proper care, the denture portion of your Snap On Dentures can last up to ten years, while the dental implants can last a lifetime.

Another Advantage of Snap On Dentures

The dental implants your Snap On Dentures attach to come with an added benefit: keeping your jawbone strong and healthy! After the dental implant placement procedure, new bone will form around the dental implant, holding it securely in place. This bone growth helps prevent the “sunken cheeks” many wearers of traditional dentures experience as bone loss in the jaw progresses.

Why Choose Grand Parkway Smiles For Snap On Dentures?

Our resident cosmetic dentist and dental implant specialists, have routinely performed dental implant procedures and Snap On Dentures fittings for many years. Thanks to their expertise and training, our patients leave our office highly satisfied with their new smile and new-found confidence.

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