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Retreatment Root CanalRetreatment Root Canal in Richmond, Tx.

In most cases, a tooth that received a root canal lasts a lifetime with proper care. Occasionally, however, root canal retreatment is needed to correct an issue that went unnoticed the first time around, or a new problem affecting the tooth months or years after the initial root canal treatment.

Preserving natural teeth as much as possible is important to prevent bone loss in the jaw, which can subsequently lead to other oral health problems and even chronic conditions that can affect other parts of the body. Heart disease, for example, is one of the conditions that can result from gum disease, which in turn is sometimes associated with bone loss in the jaw.

Retreatment of a root canal is often a last resort to save a patient’s tooth, with the only alternative being tooth extraction. An endodontist may recommend root canal retreatment for patients with recurring infection, and those who experience pain or discomfort on a previously treated tooth. In some cases the problem goes unnoticed and without symptoms until an endodontist identifies the issue.

Retreatment of a root canal cannot be performed by a general dentist but requires the specialized skills and equipment of a trained endodontist.

Is retreatment of a root canal right for me?

Common situations in which retreatment of a root canal may be recommended by your endodontist include when

  •   the tooth failed to heal properly following the initial root canal treatment
  •   the tooth became re-infected due to a cracked crown or filling
  •   new decay exposed the tooth root to bacteria
  •   the tooth became too weak and fractured

Retreatment of a root canal can extend the life span of a tooth by many years, a lifetime even.

What is the root canal retreatment procedure?

Following a detailed 3-D x-ray of your teeth, our root canal dentist will have to gain access to the pulp chamber and roots of the affected tooth. This means that any crown that was placed on the tooth as part of the initial root canal treatment must be disassembled.

Once the endodontist has gained access to the inner workings of the tooth, she will remove the existing gutta-percha filling and thoroughly clean the inside of the tooth and its roots. All the while, she conducts a diligent examination under magnification and illumination in an attempt to pinpoint the problem.

The endodontist searches for any unusual anatomy of the root canals in particular, as well as any additional canals that may have been overlooked previously. 

The steps that follow are similar as a standard root canal treatment with the exception of the old root canal is removed. During the appointment, the endodontist replaces the gutta-percha, a rubber compound, to refill the roots and tooth cavity, and place a permanent filling to protect the tooth. A new crown completes the retreatment of the root canal.

In some cases, endodontic surgery may be indicated. Patients whose root canals are blocked or exceptionally narrow may benefit from an apicoectomy, a minor surgical procedure that allows the endodontist to access and treat the tip of the tooth roots directly via the gums. Your root canal specialist may recommend this procedure if conventional root canal retreatment fails to solve the problem.

Where can I go for retreatment of a root canal in Richmond, TX?

Grand Parkway Smiles is pleased to offer root canal retreatment as part of the comprehensive dental services we provide. Our highly-trained and educated endodontists work diligently to save patients’ natural teeth whenever possible. With years of experience and dentists that specialize in endodontics, Grand Parkway Smiles is the top choice for retreatment of a root canal in Richmond, TX.

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