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We Believe in Creating Beautiful Smiles in a Patient Focused Environment.

75 Years Combined Experience

Welcome to Grand Parkway Smiles we are committed to excellence in all areas of dentistry. We provide patients access to our exceptional team of professionals which includes a Dental Implant Specialist (prosthodontist), Root Canal Specialist (endodontist) and General Dentist. We have the best and latest technology and we are in network. Financing is also available in house with a dedicated support staff person who can discuss all your options.

Grand Parkway Smiles is committed to providing the best and most professional dental experience for our patients.  The team at Grand Parkway Smiles provides General Dentistry services and we have dental specliatists who specialize in Prosthodontics,  EndodontistPediatric Dentistry.  We believe in providing the entire range of dental services your family needs.

The dentists at Grand Parkway Smiles have combined experience of over 75 years in the field of dentistry they understand and know how to provide a pain free experience for our patients. Specific services we offer are Dental implants, All on 4, Root Canals, Full Mouth Restoration, Dentures, TMD, Extractions, Sedation, and Cosmetic Dental Procedures are common place at Grand Parkway Smiles for our Richmond TX patients. We also accept same day emergency visits. 

We accept most Dental Insurance  and provide several payment options including In House Payment Plans and Financing.

We are conveniently located on the Grand Parkway next to Gallery Furniture. Come in and discover why we are one of the fastest growing dental practices in the Richmond TX area.

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Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Missing and Damaged Teeth can be permanently corrected with Dental Implants. Our Board Certified Prosthodontist has 20 years experience fixing smiles.
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Root Canal Tooth Pain

Root Canal Endodontist

Preserving your natural teeth is critical to a healthy smile. Our team includes a board certified Endodontist that specializes in Root Canals

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

So many people are self-conscious about smiling in public. Let our cosmetic dentistry team give you the confidence to speak and smile proudly.

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full mouth restoration

All On Four

It’s time to Smile Big again. Full mouth restoration is available, get a complete new smile that looks and chews just like your own teeth.
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TMJ Treatment

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth extraction is almost a rite of passage for teens and young adults around the country. The eruption of the third molars can cause discomfort and, in some cases, pain in the jaw and surrounding teeth.

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Get back your smile and improve the quality of your life with affordable dentures. Great fitting and made to last. Find out about Dentures.


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Sedation Dentistry

Suffer from anxiety or fear of the dentist? We provide Sedation Dentistry that’s right for you. All types available including IV Sedation and Conscious Sedation!
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dental financing

Dental Financing

Getting necessary dental treatment should not break the bank. We offer financing for dental procedures with No Credit Check. Get the smile you want today.
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by Kirsten Peavey on Grand Parkway Smiles
Loved This Dentist
Office Location: Grand Parkway Smiles

Loved this dentist! So quick, nice and informative... I was dreading taking my 21 month old daughter to her first appointment but they were so helpful and sweet! Highly recommend this office

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Reasons You Might Need a Wisdom Teeth Extraction
Reasons You Might Need a Wisdom Teeth Extraction
You’ve probably come across videos of people acting all funny and loopy after a wisdom teeth extraction. But have you ever wondered why the procedure is necessary in the first place? Why not just keep the teeth? Well, wisdom teeth extraction procedures may be more necessary for one’s oral health than you may think. Why You Might Need a Wisdom Teeth Extraction There are several reasons your dentist may recommend the extraction of one or more of your wisdom teeth. Some of these reasons include: Create more room for molars Prevent damage to surrounding teeth, jawbone, or nerve damage Align
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