Locator F-TX

Locator F-TX

Locator F-TX – it’s a strange name for a revolutionary dental implant procedure to be sure, but if you remember your state of residence you’re halfway there.

Locator F-TX, developed by Zest Dental Solutions less than 2 years ago, has changed the landscape of dental implant dentistry by introducing never-before seen flexibility and adjustability in the components of dental implants. Specifically, Locator F-TX has changed the status quo of static abutments to a world of possibilities in achieving a perfect fit for dental implants and crowns.

Grand Parkway Smiles is excited to offer this new option to our all on 4  patients.

What is Locator F-TX?

Without getting into too much technical detail, Locator F-TX can best be described as an innovative way to perform fixed full-arch restorations for patients suffering from moderate to extensive tooth loss. In other words, Locator F-TX just may turn out to be the new way of doing dental implants and restore the smiles of edentulous – or near-edentulous – patients. Grand Parkway Smiles is excited to be on the cutting edge of this new technology.

How does Locator F-TX differ from conventional implant dentistry?

Dental Implants are best secured by anchoring the titanium screw serving as an artificial tooth root deep in the patient’s bone – this technique hasn’t changed.

What makes Locator F-TX so different is the way the abutment (the piece that connects the dental implant to the crown) reacts to a dentist’s manipulation. For years, dentists had to be extremely diligent in placing the dental implant and abutment, accounting for odd angles of neighboring teeth and generally working to fine-tune the placement to achieve the best fit. Locator F-TX with its unique flexible abutment is a game changer for implant dentistry.

Thanks to this adjustable abutment, which can be manipulated by the prosthodontist to acquire the best possible angle and fit, dental implant specialists can fine-tune their work like never before.

How does Locator F-TX benefit dental implant patients?

The incredible versatility of the Locator F-TX abutment translates into a maximized fit, minimum discomfort, and increased strength of dental implants for our patients.

The Locator F-TX delivers unrivaled attachment in connecting the dental implant to the crown, reducing the risk of shifting or wobbling crowns, and ultimately providing a never-seen-before robustness in the attachment of dental implants. In fact, we know from experience that the Locator F-TX is practically unmovable and can only be dislocated with a specialized dentist tool.

Unlike traditional implant-abutment-crown connectivity, the Locator F-TX does not require adhesives or dental cement to secure a crown to the abutment. The crown instead simply snaps into place, and the abutment still delivers a stronger hold than any of its predecessors.

Meanwhile, the prosthodontist has the ability to adjust the swiveling abutment to achieve a perfect fit, then lock the Locator F-TX firmly into place to secure its position.

From practitioner ease of use to patient satisfaction, the Locator-FX represents the future of modern implant dentistry and promises great strides toward new, innovative technology that will improve dental implant techniques in years to come.

Grand Parkway Smiles is excited to offer this new procedure to our patients as part of a comprehensive dental implant regimen.

Is there a Locator F-TX dentist near me?

Grand Parkway Smiles in Richmond, TX, takes great care to follow all relevant and vetted dentistry innovations, including Locator F-TX.

Ask your prosthodontist about Locator F-TX today and find out if this ground-breaking technology is a good fit for you. Call us today at (832) 222-0016!

by Kirsten Peavey on Grand Parkway Smiles
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