How Much Time Do I Need to Take Off Work For Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures?

Are you planning an upcoming smile makeover or considering having an aesthetic consultation to plan out a particular type of cosmetic dental treatment? One of the things to consider is any extra time you’ll need to take off from work to recover, rest, or heal. Such factors also play into the overall cost of your cosmetic treatment, especially if you’re tapping into vacation leave or sick pay.

When the Numbing Wears Off

If you’re undergoing a cosmetic restoration procedure such as a white filling or crown placed, most of the “recovery” will be waiting for the local anesthetic to wear off, which can take a few hours. You probably won’t want to go back to work on the same day, so arrange to take the day off or schedule the procedure when you can leave the office a couple of hours early and not go back until the next day.

The Number of Appointments Necessary

Certain aesthetic procedures require two appointments instead of one. Ceramic veneers and porcelain crowns are classic examples. During the first visit your tooth will be numbed and prepped, with a temporary restoration bonded to your tooth while the permanent version is crafted in a lab. Some cosmetic dentists have labs onsite (reducing wait time for the finished prosthesis), and may even offer same-day restorations.

Should you receive a temporary restoration first, you’ll need to take extra care not to accidentally pull the temporaries off or leave town before having your permanent veneers/crowns bonded into place. Allow yourself about a two-week window of time for the entire process to be completed from start to finish.

Time Required After Your Treatment

Most cosmetic dental procedures are completed 100% in the dental practice. Save one: teeth whitening. Some types of professional treatments allow you to take home a whitening kit and apply the product in the convenience of your own home. While this isn’t exactly a “recovery” process, it does call for some dedication and change to your personal routine. You won’t want to bring home your professional whitening kit if you’re planning on leaving the next week for vacation or a business trip. After all, who wants to wait for whiter teeth?

Get a Customized Treatment Plan

One of the things we do at Grand Parkway Smiles to help our Richmond and Katy, Tx.  smile makeover patients plan for their cosmetic procedures is to map out a customized treatment plan that outlines the treatments needed, stages of appointments, and time involved. This process prevents any misunderstanding or confusion regarding time involved or the number of days you might have to take off from work.

Talk to your personal cosmetic dentist for more information, or if you’re in the Katy, Richmond or Rosenberg area we invite you to visit Grand Parkway Smiles for a personal consultation.

How Much Time Do I Need to Take Off Work For Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures?
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How Much Time Do I Need to Take Off Work For Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures?
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How much time do you need to take off after cosmetic dentistry treatment? Is there a lengthy recovery period? Grand Parkway Smiles helps you plan your smile makeover.
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Dr. David Gomez
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