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Dentures are by far the most popular tooth replacement solution for people with missing teeth in Richmond, TX. While dental implants reign supreme in terms of delivering the best possible functionality and appearance among modern tooth replacement options, many people find that a well-fitting set of traditional dentures allows them to once again speak with confidence and enjoy most of the foods they love. That’s why Grand Parkway Smiles is your #1 Denture Care Center in Richmond, Tx.

What can dentures do for me?

Dentures are a safe and affordable way to restore chewing functionality and speaking ability for Grand Parkway Smiles patients in Richmond, TX. If you have dental insurance, your carrier may even contribute to covering the cost of your dentures as well as periodic maintenance.

Getting dentures can do more for our patients, however, than simply allowing them to once again bite into a crisp apple or carry a conversation without embarrassment. A well-fitting set of dentures – the emphasis here is on well-fitting! – improves our patients’ quality of life in many aspects of their daily routines.

Here are some of the results you can expect when you decide to get dentures:

– You’ll no longer have to avoid social situations because you’re worried about your appearance

– You’ll be able to speak freely, without being afraid that your speech sounds awkward or strange

– Your overall health should improve because you can once again enjoy nutritious foods without pain, which in turn helps ward off conditions like obesity, coronary disease, diabetes, and even certain types of cancer

If you suffer from temporomandibular joint disorders, special dentures can relieve headaches, discomfort, and other TMJ symptoms

What types of dentures in Richmond and Katy Tx., are there?

The type of dentures your Grand Parkway Smiles dentist may recommend for you depends on a number of factors, primarily the current state (or lack) of natural teeth.

If you have no natural teeth left at all, or if your remaining teeth are diseased to the point where they need to be pulled, your dentist will likely recommend a set of full dentures covering the top and bottom arches completely. Typically, your artificial teeth will stay in place primarily through suction facilitated by saliva and the muscles in your mouth. At the end of the day, conventional complete dentures are removed and cleaned overnight.

Are some of your natural teeth still in place and going strong, but one or several others are missing? In this case, your dentist will likely consider partial dentures to replace your missing tooth or teeth. Partial dentures are affixed to a remaining healthy tooth by a metal clasp on each side. This type of prosthesis is usually removable.

Implant-supported dentures are full or partial dentures that are anchored in place by, as the name implies, dental implants. This type of denture is understandably costlier but offers tremendous advantages in the look, feel, durability and comfort departments. In addition, implant-supported dentures help prevent bone loss, which can sometimes accompany missing teeth and result in the appearance of sunken cheeks.

Dentures come in many varieties. They are typically custom-made for your mouth to ensure a tight fit (unless you choose economy dentures which require adhesive to stay in place). Thanks to advances in dentistry, today’s patients can also enhance and strengthen their denture experience with one or more dental implants to add stability and comfort, and improve the appearance of their dentures.

Your Grand Parkway Smiles will be happy to discuss various options with you to ensure the best outcome possible.

What is the procedure for getting dentures?

Procedure for DenturesThe procedure, time investment, and cost vary depending on the type of dentures you need, the materials used to make your dentures, the existence or absence of natural teeth, the health of your bone structure and gums, and more.

Generally speaking, a complete set of custom-made, conventional dentures typically requires at least 3 appointments with your dentist:

1. Your Initial Consultation: Your dentist will discuss your tooth replacement options with you and, together, you will arrive at a decision on how to proceed.

2. You may or may not need to have any remaining natural teeth removed. If you do, you may be a candidate for immediate dentures, meaning your dentist can place temporary dentures right after your teeth have been pulled. Its important to discuss this at your initial consultation. If you decide to support your dentures with implants, the surgical site will also need a few weeks to heal.

3. Impressions: Your dentist will make molds of your gumline. Your custom-made dentures will then be fashioned to fit the contours of your gums exactly to establish maximum suction and comfort.

4. Color, shape and size: Together with your dentist, you’ll carefully fine-tune the details to ensure your new dentures deliver optimal appearance.

5. Be patient while your new dentures are made. This process can take a couple of weeks , our lab wants to ensure that they are giving you the best fitting dentures possible.

6. Fitting: Barring any unforeseen circumstances, you will now visit your dentist to receive your new set of dentures. Your dentist will evaluate the fit of your prosthesis, and whether or not you are comfortable wearing it. Adjustments will be made as needed. Please know that wearing dentures is an adjustment and takes some getting used to. It may take a little while until you can chew, speak and smile with absolute confidence.

Why choose Grand Parkway Smiles?

At Grand Parkway Smiles, we know that getting dentures is a major life decision and we want to make it as easy, convenient, seamless, and affordable for you as possible. Our Team of Dentists cares about your smile and wants you to be happy with your new dentures! Discover why our Denture Care Center is ranked #1 in Richmond Tx.

Affordable dentures that fit

Quick turnaround

FREE initial consultation and x-rays for new patients

Caring, experienced Dentists

We work with all insurance companies

Low-cost dental financing options

Convenient Richmond and Katy Tx. Location.

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