Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) for Dental Implants in Richmond Tx

PRF What? How Platelet-Rich Fibrin Promotes Success in Dental Implants

PRF stands for Platelet (P) Rich (R) Fibrin (F) – a pretty complicated biological term that describes one of the best parts of blood. The part, that is, that contributes to clotting and healing. At Grand Parkway Smiles, we use PRF specifically in dental implant procedures, and sometimes in tooth extractions as well.

PRFWhat is PRF, and what does platelet-rich fibrin do?

Without getting too technical, platelets and fibrins are components of blood we all produce naturally. Platelets are essentially white blood cells – the cells that primarily help ward off infection and play a major part in our immune system. Fibrin is also a component of human blood – it is largely responsible for helping the blood clot at the site of injury, and makes sure we don’t bleed excessively.

PRF is a product an extract of blood plasma after it is centrifuged and separated from whole blood.

When and why do I need PRF?

Most people heal just fine following surgeries, but getting a boost of PRF means the patient heals faster. At Grand Parkway Smiles, we have the option of using platelet-rich fibrins in the context of dental implant surgery, allowing our patients to speed recovery – in other words, their readiness for dental implant and/or crown placement.

This is a pretty big deal, because:

  • Traditional healing time for dental implant surgery sites is 6-9 months (before the implant is ready for loading and crown placement)
  • PRF greatly facilitates bone and tissue growth, reducing wait times to receive dental implants and/or crowns
  • PRF also protects the wound from becoming infected

In other words, PRF treatment primarily aides in the osseointegration of dental implants, meaning they bond with the jaw bone at an accelerated rate.

What is the procedure for PRF treatment?

In the context of dental implants, platelet-rich fibrin can be placed around the surgical site in the form of a membrane to stimulate bone and tissue growth. Your Grand Parkway Smiles dental surgeon will suture the PRF membrane to cover the wound.

What happens after PRF treatment?

PRF placement is a relatively new procedure to help promote surgical site healing, but it has shown tremendous promise in reducing healing time, preventing infection of surgical sites, and promoting bone growth – which is imperative for osseointegration of dental implants. Typically, the duration for complete healing of a surgical implant site can take up to 9 months, but dental implant specialists at Grand Parkway Smiles have seen that healing time cut by a third or more with the administration of PRF.

Why choose Grand Parkway Smiles for PRF treatment?

Not all dental implant specialists have the ability to employ PRF to promote healing in dental implant patients. At Grand Parkway Smiles, we make a continuous and deliberate effort to make dental implants feasible and accessible to all our patients. As a result, we are committed to bring you state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge procedures to ensure you, the patient, benefit from top quality treatment and the latest, innovative technology.

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