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Dental Home Care translates to patients taking an active role to ensure optimum dental health. This includes the basics of daily hygiene, such as brushing, flossing and oral fluoride rinses. Additionally, it is important to understand the role of our diets and how various foods and liquids can impact dental health and hygiene.

BrushingTeeth_400pixWhen it comes to brushing, it should be done at least two to preferably three times per day. Once after breakfast, again in the afternoon and finally before bed after the final meal (and drinks). A soft bristle brush is recommended which is not too abrasive which enables us to clean the gum area as well as the teeth, comfortably and effectively.

Diet is a key component to avoiding tooth decay. Sugar is not your friend when it comes to preventing tooth decay. Sugary food and drinks will feed bacteria in your mouth, which will in turn produce increased acids that contribute to tooth decay. It is especially important to avoid sugary drinks, dairy products and sugary foods before bedtime, as this is the prime time for bacteria to multiply in the mouth overnight. The bottom line with diet is that the cleaner your diet when it comes to sugar, the less tooth decay issues will prevail. Remember,“… an ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure.”

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Feb 13, 2016 by Rick Perez on Grand Parkway SmilesDr. Gomez and his staff where absolutely professional

Dr. Gomez and his staff where absolutely professional,, Great environment great work I highly recommend!!

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