Can dental implants boost your career?

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When someone goes to the dentist to receive dental implants, it’s often with the sole purpose of getting a new tooth. In many cases, however, dental implant recipients actually get more for their money than meets the eye. Dental implants may have benefits beyond a renewed confidence and a brilliant smile. It can create social skills you never knew you had – the kind that can even boost your career.

What a smile can do

Making a great first impression goes beyond clothing and grooming. A smile can make the difference between getting noticed and being overlooked. A smile says a lot about a person, and reflects their personality in sometimes unexpected but powerful ways. For example, an open, tooth-baring smile exudes confidence, happiness, and an extroverted attitude. A tight-lipped smile, on the other hand, may hint at insecurity, shyness, and a lack of self-confidence.

As a result, an employer may be more willing to consider an applicant with an open smile because employers want open, confident people on their team. This is especially true for positions with frequent client touchpoints – like sales jobs. It also applies to people who already have a job. Whether someone is trying to get promoted or close a deal, a simple smile can determine whether the outcome works in their favor or if they are rejected.

A smile can greatly influence how a person feels about a conversation partner. If someone is greeted with an open and happy smile, odds are he or she will feel warm and welcome. If they’re greeted with a closed smile, they may feel like the person is not very enthusiastic to see them. An employer will want to talk to whoever makes them feel happier and more excited about the interview or meeting, giving them the assurance that the organization will reach its goals.

How to harness the power of a smile

Some of those who (perhaps unknowingly) display a closed, insecure smile may not have realized yet that they’re at a disadvantage in the work force. Quite often, these are the candidates who will benefit from the potentially life-changing impact of dental implants the most.

Dental implants are already known to provide a brilliant smile and renew one’s confidence, but they can also help develop social skills that can boost careers. Recipients soon discover that their new smile helps them communicate by displaying their personality in a positive, effective, and highly beneficial manner.

Get the smile you want (and need)

Anyone should have the chance to flaunt and promote themselves in a way that is true to character, rather than hide their smile because they are insecure about their teeth. Why not harness the power of YOUR smile and see where it leads you?

If missing teeth inhibit your ability to achieve your career goals, come see us at Grand Parkway Smiles for more information about dental implants. Financing options are available! Call us at (832) 222.0016 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

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