Vertical Sinus Lift in Richmond Tx.

Vertical Sinus Lift – Who needs it, and why

So your Grand Parkway Smiles dentist told you you’d have to undergo a vertical sinus lift before dental implants can be placed. What does this mean? Why is it necessary? And what can you expect during and after the procedure?

The technical name may sound intimidating, but a vertical sinus lift – like the lateral sinus lift – is simply a procedure your dental surgeon completes prior to placing dental implants. It is a surgical step that ensures your jaw bone is ready to receive, and sustain, the dental implants that will improve your quality of life by leaps and bounds.

Vertical Sinus LiftWhat is a vertical sinus lift?

A sinus lift, in general, is a bone graft that helps dental surgeons procure enough bone to solidly anchor a dental implant. Various sinus lift procedures are available in modern dentistry, including the lateral sinus lift and – more commonly – the vertical sinus lift. The goal of both types of bone graft is to obtain bone mass that will bond with existing bone at the proposed dental implant site in an effort to gain sufficient, and strong enough bone to provide a solid dental implant foundation.

When and why do I need a vertical sinus lift?

Depending on the amount of bone that needs to be procured and grafted, along with considerations regarding the unique makeup of the patient’s upper jaw and sinus configuration, the dental surgeon will decide which approach (lateral or vertical sinus lift) is most suitable. As mentioned, the vertical sinus lift is more common than its lateral counterpart.

Sinus lifts are indicated when the patient exhibits bone loss in the upper jaw, to a point where insufficient bone mass is available to firmly hold a dental implant in place.

Think of it this way: Sticking a toothpick into a ripe banana won’t make for a solid foundation to hold the toothpick in place. The banana is too soft to deliver adequate support. In comparison, insert the toothpick into a raw carrot – a hard, solid surface with a tight grip on the toothpick. As you can imagine, even the thickness or diameter of the carrot will play a significant role in how solidly the toothpick can be embedded. The bigger the carrot, the stronger the hold on the toothpick. The same is true for dental implants being anchored in bone – which is why some patients need bone grafts to ensure the dental implant will be successful.

For some people, certain conditions can mean a deterioration or dwindling of bone mass. For example, bone mass will shrink if it has nothing to hold on to – as a result, patients with missing teeth that haven’t been replaced by a dental implant (i.e. an artificial tooth root), will often experience bone loss over time. Other culprits leading to bone loss include gum disease, demformities, tumors, and more.

What is the procedure for a vertical sinus lift?

Your Grand Parkway Smiles oral surgeon will create a tiny opening by pushing the sinus vertically upward, in order to create a small pocket that can then be filled with bone graft material.

What happens after a vertical sinus lift?

Following the procedure the patient is ready to receive the dental implant.

Why choose Grand Parkway Smiles for a vertical sinus lift?

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