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Toothache and Tooth pain | Dental Emergency

Toothache or tooth pain can signal an emergency situation that is caused by irritation to the nerve of the affected tooth, often originating from decay, infection, abscess or injury. Call Today Be Seen Today 832-222-0016

 Toothache-in-ChildrenToothache or tooth pain causes

There are many potential causes of toothache which may include advanced decay, infection, periodontal disease, injury, or tooth loss. In some cases, pain may be caused by other problems such as TMJ (temporomandibular joint) or ear infections which may transmit or radiate pain to the teeth.

Toothache symptoms

Common complaints include tooth pain and jaw pain. Pain my include sensitivity to pressure as well as hot and cold temperature exposure. When sensitivity is longer than 15 minutes, it is usually symptomatic of a more advanced problem which requires a visit to our office for examination. Swelling, inflammation and elevated temperature is typically the sign of an infection.

When to Seek Medical Care

Initial steps at home should include the following:

1.     Administer over the counter pain medicine such as Acetaminophen (Tylenol) or Ibuprofin (Advil) as directed on the package. *Children should only take Acetaminophen (Tylenol).  DO NOT place aspirin or painkilling tablets directly onto the tooth area!

2.     Avoid hot or cold foods.

3.     If pain does not subside after 24-48 hours, schedule an appointment with our office for an examination.

4.     If you have swelling, persistent pain, high fever or chills, please call our offices immediately for an appointment for examination.

5.     A fever often signals an infection or “abscess” which will require immediate treatment with antibiotics following an examination in our offices.

6.     Wisdom teeth may also cause pain for various reasons. If pain persists, please schedule an appointment

7.     A local anesthetic such as “Orajel” may be put onto the tooth and gum area to temporarily alleviate pain until you can get to the dental office.

If you are suffering from Tooth Pain or Toothache, call us today and be seen today! (832) 222.0016

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