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About Us

75 Years Combined Experience

Our Philosophy at Grand Parkway Smiles Dentistry is focused upon the patient, and ensuring we give you the perfect smile you deserve.  Premium patient care… that is on time.

What Grand Parkway Smiles Dentistry is now able to do with advanced restorative and cosmetic techniques today is amazing. We can  replace missing or damaged teeth with Dental Implants.  Our staff includes a board certified Prosthodontist that is a specialist in cosmetic dental procedures like implants and implant supported dentures. We utilize the latest technology which includes 3D imaging combined with 3D printing that allows us to restore you smile to exact specifications. For patients that need entire mouth restoration do to disease or injury we offer the All On 4 procedure giving patients the look, feel and function like their natural teeth. In our practice we can change a smile in a day with dental veneers for that amazing beautiful smile you have always wanted.
Dental Microscope for Root CanalsOur practice also includes specialization in Root Canals, and Dr. Sara Gomez is a board certified endodontist and she utilizes the latest microscope technology to ensures your tooth is restored and that you have the best function and appearance possible. We are experts in Dental Implants, Root Canals and Cosmetic and Restorative Procedures.

In our General Practice we can reshape teeth. We can whiten teeth. We can replace fillings with composite fillings that match the tooth color. We can use bonding resins to correct a smile and make it beautiful. We can use crowns, partials and dentures to do complete smile makeovers. It’s amazing what we can do to positively impact people’s lives.

We truly believe that it’s a big responsibility when a patient puts their trust in us as dental professionals. So when a patient is concerned, cautious or has anxiety, we take the time to just connect with each patient, to explain things, to listen, and to understand.

Grand Parkway Dentists also take the time to discuss with the patient the science behind what we do, to let them know that we hear them, answer their questions and know that we care. If patients need help with anxiety, we can use sedation dentistry to help them dream away while we perfect their smile.

3d panoramic dental imageOur investment in 3D technology has been significant, only 1% of dental practices have this technology. 3D X-Rays enable us to see the total anatomical structure non-invasively, before we ever put the patient in the chair for treatment. It shortens our procedures, it’s safer due to the lowest radiation exposures of any system. 3D XRay enables us to be less invasive and also shortens the recovery time for patients. It enables us to diagnose and treat patient issues that previously for many years, other doctors without this technology just couldn’t figure out. Most importantly, it enables us to achieve the best cosmetic and restorative results for our patients.

What also makes Grand Parkway Smiles Dentistry different as a practice is that we’re not a high production practice. People don’t feel like a number when they walk through our doors. When you walk into Grand Parkway Smiles, it’s a relaxed environment. Nobody is rushing around here to get to the next patient. We take the time with patients to ensure that they have the opportunity to be treated in a comfortable, low stress and nurturing setting. Our focus is upon you, to listen, to not keep you waiting, to be efficient, effective and professional.

We like to think that the patient care approach at Grand Parkway Smiles Dentistry is balanced in a way that a chair has 4 legs. Those 4 legs are hospitality, amenities, quality and efficiency. That’s our mission and that’s our goal at Grand Parkway Smiles Dentistry. When we bring those 4 components together every day, we believe that we are delivering the quality of care and attention to the highest standards of excellence that our patients expect and deserve.

by Kirsten Peavey on Grand Parkway Smiles
Loved This Dentist
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Loved this dentist! So quick, nice and informative... I was dreading taking my 21 month old daughter to her first appointment but they were so helpful and sweet! Highly recommend this office

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About Us - Grand Parkway Smiles
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Dr. Gomez is a dental implant specialist
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